The non profit Association for Supporting Qualitative Research ASQ was founded in 2013 in Klagenfurt, Austria. The motivation was – and is until now – that qualitative approaches of research methodology do not find sufficient support, especially within academic psychology.

The Association ASQ aims exclusively and direct at the development and promotion of qualitative research methods in human sciences. This seems to be important because current scientific methodology is dominated by quantitative approaches. The results of our efforts are directly made available and usable by the scientific community.

The aims if the association ASQ are:

  • the development of qualitative methods, especially the implementation of software programs for supporting qualitative research;
  • the conduct of reserach projects working with qualitative methods;
  • presentations, conferences and workshops to discuss and disseminate qualitatively oriented research methods;
  • promoting young scientists.

At the moment our main efforts are focused on the further development of an open access software program for Qualitative Content Analysis ( and the support of qualitative research by offering best paper awards (